The Silotainer system, developed by MTS, is a closed-loop transportation system that facilitates, accelerates, and reduces the costs of logistics and supply chain processes for granular and powder-form products

Products loaded in bulk are loaded into containers lined with specially produced polyethylene (PE) liners based on the technical requirements of the products. These products are then transported to various destinations around the world without the risk of contamination, moisture, dust, or loss

Moreover, this system enables the same operations to be carried out with less carbon emissions, providing customers with a more environmentally friendly alternative service.

While using less plastic packaging within the unit container, 1st-quality polyethylene lining is used for the liner, which is 100% recyclable.

In addition to closed-loop logistics operations, we also offer closed-loop solutions for loading from silos to containers and direct unloading from silo vehicles to warehouses/ports.

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